Released September 2020

This song was a shift from my usual dark undertone and need for electric guitar. It veered into the folkish, singer-songwriter genre, but not without some edginess. This was a dedication song to my own personal love story that was meant as a tribute vs. a crowd pleaser. It's just simple and honest.


Released August 2020

This song is about getting older and regretting the time you've wasted chasing scars when you should have been living for yourself. So many wasted opportunities because people put you down, ate away at your confidence for their own gain and as a result, you shut yourself out and minimized your potential. Years of avoiding risk to stay in the safe zone and what does it give you in return? Regret that you didn't live--and now what? Your time is almost spent. There's a crazy spin in the intro, before the song kicks in. I wanted people to have a guttural experience right off the jump.


Released July 2020

I was sitting around talking about some of the people in the world I could do without. Talk about lunatics led to the eternal debate of nature vs. nurture. What makes them that way? Psychopath is about recognizing how much our life experiences mold us into who we are and how much of a psychological impact those experiences have. 

"Psychopath" was a home brew. The backbone of the beat isn't what you'd expect....a socket wrench from the garage paired with a sturdy knife on a sharpening block from my kitchen. Rudimentary at best, but you do with what you have.

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