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Breaking the Monotony With Darker Shades

Get ready to witness life through shades you have never seen before with Shade SNO’s debut album, ‘The Shadow’s Path’. While the mainstream stresses on the lighter tones, darker shades are often neglected and suppressed. Against this notion, Shade SNO, an independent rock artist, is set to release her controversial debut album discussing topics often considered “too dark” for mainstream. The album leaves few controversies unscathed as she sweeps the listener under a current of melody and emotion, raising the vail of “darkness” society rests on controversial issues. With bold expression, her music is one of a kind.

SNO stands for Seriously No One, a symbol in a name to represent the millions of lost voices and message in a sea of bubbly pop/dance culture. Her main themes revolve around mental health, victimization, politics and racism with an objective of destigmatizing the negativity keeping these topics out of day-to-day discussion. Set to release January 25, 2021, her music doesn’t come from mere muses but real-life experiences and observations, highlighting traumas and experiences. She tells a story about the making of Like a Shadow from her upcoming EP, referencing her own experience as a stalking victim. “I used to lay in bed at night wondering what would happen if I could be his worst nightmare”, she says.

Her first song, Psychopath, released this past Halloween, is an intriguing song with dark lyrics centered around traumas that shape people. The thought-provoking use of words and ideas used makes the listener dwell on their past experiences and brings some semblance of sanity to the idea of madness.

She has produced her music in a makeshift studio setting without soundproofing or any fancy equipment. Being a storyteller more than a singer, her main priority is her bold messages. Making a mark in this oversaturated music industry is difficult, but her niche is intriguing enough to catch fire fast.

Creating music by leveraging multiple musicians across the Globe, Shade SNO aims to keep her music vision diverse and welcoming, using darker shades to carry the weight of the times and promote recovery, connection, and empowerment, but most of all, conversation.

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